Are casket prices at Walmart the cheapest in the funeral market?

The world’s largest retailer has offered funeral caskets for sale for a few years now. Even other big box retailers as now offer caskets for sale, such as Costco caskets and even Amazon caskets. Is one retailers caskets better than the other?

10 facts funeral directors won’t tell you

No one wants to even think about a funeral, let alone plan one. But working things out in advance and buying life insurance to cover the costs protects family members from the unpleasant job of negotiating services as they grieve

Top 10 Reviews: Funeral Casket Sellers

Over the last few years the funeral industry has made dramatic changes in how they deliver on the customer experience to their sales model. Specifically, since the Federal Trade Commission passed the ‘funeral rule‘ which makes it possible for consumers

Review: Buying a Walmart Casket

Purchasing a Casket From Walmart Ever since Walmart introduced caskets to its online sales catalog in 2009, the company has been surrounded by controversy. While Costco had been selling caskets since 2004, Walmart’s entry into the funeral casket distribution market

Review: Buying a casket from Amazon

Some Considerations When Buying a Casket From Amazon As more and more people choose to take a different route than the funeral home when buying a casket for their loved ones, Amazon offers comparative casket choices along with other major online

Review: Buying a funeral casket from Costco

While Costco is well known among shoppers for its impressive bulk buying experiences, few realize that the outlet chain has also begun selling higher-end niche items, including funeral caskets. With the move, the traditional (and occasionally somewhat traumatic) selection process

5 Tips: How to save money when buying a funeral casket

Tasked with arranging the funeral services for a passed loved one? In addition to the sadness or mourning of the deceased, the added emotional and financial stress of planning a funeral can take a toll on you and the family. Emotions

Funeral Planning: 4 new trends how people are saying goodbye

As life changes, so does death, and the emotional stress it takes to plan a funeral more and more individuals and families are finding new ways to mourn the passing of a loved on. Four new trends have evolved in

What is cremation?

It’s the process of reducing the body to ashes and bone fragments through the use of intense heat. The process usually takes two to four hours. Depending on the size of the body, the cremated remains will weigh three to

How much does cremation cost?

If an undertaker is used to transport the body, obtain permits, and file the death certificate, the average fee is $1,200 (in 2008). However, prices can vary from about $500 to well over $3,000, often in the same market. If