Are casket prices at Walmart the cheapest in the funeral market?

The world’s largest retailer has offered funeral caskets for sale for a few years now. Even other big box retailers as now offer caskets for sale, such as Costco caskets and even Amazon caskets.

Is one retailers caskets better than the other? Is Walmart prices among the cheapest in the funeral  market? What is the wholesale price on caskets if Walmart offers caskets for sale?

Buying a casket in-person at Walmart, or online at casket online stores as is moreso a personal preference on selectionn, price and speed of delivery.

But even so, people are price conscious with how much they spend on a casket. Most consumers may think that Walmart offers the cheapest price on caskets, but its not an accurate statement. The price of a casket can depend on the brand and type of casket, such as a wood casket vs. stainless steel casket. Thus not one is better than the other when it comes down to buying a casket at Walmart and looking for the cheapest price, versus buying a casket online. Its a personal choice that best fits your preferences and wallet.

Did you know Walmart offers caskets for sale priced at $999 for lower-end models, vs. other medium-end caskets on their shelf are priced below $2,000, other than the Sienna Bronze casket, which retails for other $3,000. In comparison, a consumer can find comparable quality and selection for caskets for sale at offers, priced up to 70% off regular retail price and ship within 48 hours. Cheap caskets in terms of price, not quality, can be offered by online casket stores as their distribution model may differ than Walmart. For example, buying a casket online is many cases the casket will ship direct from the warehouse to the consumers destination.

Thus reduced prices of caskets can be offered by eliminated the traditional distribution costs incurred by big box retailers, unless sold online.

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