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What’s better, wood casket or metal casket?

100% personal choice and preference. Some purchase metal caskets so the casket maintains its integrity once buried. But then others who prefer wood caskets tend to do so that like the natural elements of the body, the casket can disintegrate

Will my funeral home charge me a special handling fee for a casket bought online?

No. It is illegal for a funeral establishment to charge a handling fee if you wish to use a family-built casket or purchase one from someplace other than the funeral home, such as a cheaper casket online. It is also

Do I have to buy a casket from a funeral home?

No, and offers a great alternative. We’re committed to providing a stress-free experience by offering a large selection of products – all priced much lower than funeral homes, and the fastest delivery times including same day delivery. Did you

What is the difference in your metal caskets that are 18 gauge or 20 gauge ? Is one better than the other?

The simple difference between the 18 gauge versus 20 gauge is that 18 gauge steel means it would take 18 sheets stacked against each other to be equivalent to one inch thickness. Similar to 20 gauge steel. Thus the thicker

Where are your caskets made?

All metal caskets as steel, stainless steel, copper and bronze are made in the USA and some parts and caskets imported. Our wood caskets are made using the premium woods available from Canada’s natural resource. Both of our wood caskets

What is a coffin?

We get asked often the difference between a casket and coffin when people begin planning for a funeral. When you browse for a coffin online, you’ll find there is not much difference between a casket and coffin. The terminology of

What is a vault?

A vault is used to prevent the ground from caving in over a casket due to the eventual sinking of a grave. Vaults are not required by law, however, most cemeteries require a vault to keep the ground level. Basic

Do you sell an Aurora casket?

No. Aurora caskets are manufactured by Aurora exclusively, and are available exclusively through authorized dealers; such as funeral homes. The Aurora company typically works with licensed funeral homes to offer a variety of caskets for your funeral services. At

Do you sell a Batesville casket?

No. Batesville caskets are manufactured by Batesville exclusively, and are available exclusively through authorized dealers; such as funeral homes. Batesville also offers pre-planning for funerals, including the manufacture of caskets. The Batesville company typically works with licensed funeral homes to