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What is cremation?

It’s the process of reducing the body to ashes and bone fragments through the use of intense heat. The process usually takes two to four hours. Depending on the size of the body, the cremated remains will weigh three to

How much does cremation cost?

If an undertaker is used to transport the body, obtain permits, and file the death certificate, the average fee is $1,200 (in 2008). However, prices can vary from about $500 to well over $3,000, often in the same market. If

What can be done with the ashes after cremation?

They can be placed in a niche in a columbarium, buried, scattered, or kept by the family. Cremated remains are sterile and pose no health hazard. Their disposition is, for the most part, not controlled, provided the landowner grants permission.

Is a funeral service necessary?

No. However many people may choose a funeral services for a final goodbye surrounded by all those who loved or knew the person. Specific to a funeral where person will be cremated, a visitation and a funeral service with a

How to shop around for a cremation services

All funeral homes are required to list a price for a simple cremation package, called an “Immediate Cremation.” This is cremation without any services such as a viewing or funeral at the funeral home. You also are not required to

Is a casket required for cremation?

No, a casket is never required for cremation, however many people may choose a cremation casket for consideration of a casket showing at a funeral, or a more dignified way of cremation. Cremation caskets are among the cheap caskets available