Review: Buying a casket from Amazon

Some Considerations When Buying a Casket From Amazon

Amazon casketsAs more and more people choose to take a different route than the funeral home when buying a casket for their loved ones, Amazon offers comparative casket choices along with other major online casket retailers as

With a variety of caskets available– some limited, others less so, people purchasing a casket using the online retailer are finding themselves saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in funeral costs. This is not surprising to find as more consumers are now buying caskets online direct from online retailers due to the cost savings, overnight or 1-3 day delivery and wide selection. Saving a bundle on a casket is attractive versus buying the same or similar through a funeral home, but the big influence of consumers turning to the web to buy a casket through Amazon and is due to the Federal Trade Commission changes that now legally allows new funeral product retailers to sell to the consumer direct, whereas previously a consumer could only buy from a funeral service or home.

However, there are also a number of factors to consider when buying a casket through Amazon, so it’s important to take those into account below.

Working With the Data: Choosing Carefully

Purchasing online means studying the specifications of what you are buying, and this is more true when buying a casket than most other purchases. Since there are a variety of caskets available online, it’s not hard to find an attractive casket for purchase.

Since there is usually no real frame of reference to work with online, it’s important to study the interior and exterior measurements of the casket, as well as weight and other issues.

But one of the most important considerations for a consumer is the confidence and assurance their casket will arrive on-time and in perfect condition.

While Amazon caskets offer consumers good choices, others may prefer to stick with an online casket retailer who specializes only in the niche of funeral products such as caskets, and tailors every part of their service and customer satisfaction around the emotional high-stress event as a funeral. Unfortunately larger retailers with broad product selections as Amazon cannot offer the same hyper-personal attention and detail.

Another consideration is delivery time. Since Amazon has a variety of sellers, it’s important to check how long delivery would take, whether or not delivery can be made within your expected time frame, and so on. Making sure that you’ve reviewed all the available data and it still matches your needs is imperative to making an informed purchase. Remember, in purchasing a casket online via Amazon, you’re largely on your own, which is why other consumers may prefer an online casket retailer who specializes in this space.

Price and Availability Considerations: Cost Makes a Difference

Because Amazon has a variety of sellers, often one can find similar items at a slightly lower price. But there are differences that drive the prices, such as an American made casket, or a casket made overseas from China.

Often there are different customizations for features that may not be on another model. Sometimes the perfect casket model at the right price might not even be available. It’s important to ensure that your seller has the casket model you’re looking for at the price you’re looking for.

Amazon also offers helpful financing options in many cases, so taking advantage of them when needed can make a big difference.

Customer Reviews: Some Helpful, Some Not So Much

Whereas in most cases, Amazon customer reviews can be a boon to the average person looking to buy a product, in the case of a casket, it’s precisely the opposite.

Most of the reviews found (and highly rated to boot) for caskets available online are not genuine reviews, but opportunities for would-be comedians and suspense writers to ply their trade. Some of the nicest caskets available on Amazon have reviews from fake dead people discussing how comfortable such caskets are. Rather distasteful.

While jokes are jokes, most people actually looking for caskets will likely not find such jokes to their liking. Since most people purchasing caskets are doing so on fairly short notice, such reviews are distracting and a waste of time at best and often slightly offensive at worst. So it’s important to remember that if you see 500 positive reviews on Amazon for a casket, this doesn’t mean it’s a good casket, so much as there are probably a group of people making light of the product.

For consumers seeking the assurance and mitigate the emotional stress during such a difficult time, consider a specialist or boutique casket online shop as who specialize not just in a variety of affordable caskets and coffins, but specialists on servicing all aspects of the casket logistics to ensure a prompt and safe casket delivery to your choice of destination.

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