The difference between a coffin and a casket?

Individuals who begin their funeral planning when a loved one passes, will often ask what is a coffin, and the difference between a coffin and a casket. Among this, they’ll search for coffins for sale online and compare prices of coffins against the coffin prices at a funeral home. Note that anyone can easily do this as funeral homes legally must provide you their casket or coffin price list if you ask per the Federal Trade Commissions Funeral Rule

There  subtle differences between a coffin and casket are often described interchangeable in funeral planning conversations. The purpose of a casket or coffin is the same (burial or cremation of a dead body), but the subtle differences are in the number of sides of the box, the artistic design and the function in how the box opens.

The shape of a coffin will typically have six or eight sides. The coffin is typically wider at the head or top, and decrease towards the bottom or footer area. Thus an easy way to look at a coffin is it showcases a hexagon or octagon shape, or similar. Coffins are typically cheaper than caskets, but this is primarily due to the less requirements in manufacturing, and the lack of artistic flair that is traditionally adorned on a coffin.

The funeral casket is typically a four-side standard, with two openings in the top or lid for viewing purposes at the funeral procession.

Most caskets online or found in a funeral home will showcase more craftsmanship in its design. You’ll find both cheap caskets, caskets for sale online and funeral home caskets licensed through Batesville or Aurora, will highlight more creativity and a luxurious look-and-feel. Unlike most coffins that are built from wood and showcase a simplistic design, caskets are typically steel, wood or a fiber glass-like material. Caskets tend to have a high-gloss or shine, accented grooves and detail, soft-touch interior padding and special features  as a memorial record cylinders for storing keepsakes, letters and photos with the deceased once the casket is buried.

There is no wrong way to choose between a casket or coffin for a traditional or non-traditional funeral. But as with most traditional funerals with a burial event to place the casket in the gravesite, the casket is a choice of preference, especially in USA and Canada. Why that is could possibly could be summed up to an old kept tradition to showcase a polished and luxury product at a funeral. Perhaps its a final parting way to associate the best-of-the-best to the empathy and love for the deceased.

However you choose, keep in mind there is very little difference between a casket and coffin. What you choose is your choice (or the deceased if they had it outlined in their will and testament). Some may choose the basic cremation casket for the cremation process, while others will go a more traditional route to select an exquisite casket to showcase at the funeral among loved ones, and to be buried with.

If you’re exploring casket options for your funeral, browse the available caskets online for sale at Browse  a range of steel caskets, wood caskets, cremation caskets and even environmentally-friendly ‘green’ caskets to either buy direct to save thousands on funeral costs, or compare to funeral home caskets for comparison.

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