Top 10 Reviews: Funeral Casket Sellers

Top rated online casket storesOver the last few years the funeral industry has made dramatic changes in how they deliver on the customer experience to their sales model. Specifically, since the Federal Trade Commission passed the ‘funeral rule‘ which makes it possible for consumers to purchase only the products and services they want or need for their funeral planning, and pay for only those chosen, it has opened the market up for new businesses to sell funeral products direct to the consumer, at substantial lower costs in many cases.

The two most expensive purchases when planning for a funeral are the burial plot (assuming you are not doing cremation), and the funeral casket or coffin. While the burial plot can range in price and more at a cost of the cemetery service than the funeral home, its the funeral casket that most funeral services make their profits.

A burial casket can also range in price depending on the brand such as Batesville or Aurora, or the material the casket is made from. A funeral casket ranges in types, such as a wood caskets or metal casket or steel casket and the popular eco-friendly green casket.

When planning for a funeral and considering what type of casket to purchase, we’ve provided a list of alternative and casket sellers versus buying from the traditional funeral home. The supply of caskets direct from casket retailers, boutique funeral shops and mass casket wholesalers are good alternatives to consider to purchase a casket to save literally thousand of dollars, and have it shipped direct to your funeral home or place of funeral services.

In no particular order:

1. Costco
Costco’s entry into the casket market was viewed as groundbreaking when it was introduced, and the company is now a major player in the end-of-life industry. Costco caskets boasts some of the most affordable coffins online (though with limited selection), and has a unique advantage in using at least part of their buying club properties as casket showrooms. While a consumer can save money with a Costco casket, the downside is the limited delivery options with some locations, and limited selection of caskets.

2. Walmart
Like Costco, Walmart’s casket entry took advantage of the retail giant’s substantial resources to make a dent in the casket market with extremely low prices and satisfactory– if somewhat generic– caskets. A consumer considering purchasing a Walmart casket and expect a similar experience as the purchasing other products from the store. While it may offer lower casket prices as Costco and, they may lack in customer service and casket selection.

2. (C&C)
One of the top online casket retailers, C&C eliminates the middleman by offering caskets for sale direct from the warehouse. This online casket retail offers nationwide delivery network that includes overnight delivery, a 99% customer satisfaction rating and offers a range of both affordable and high-end caskets up to 70% offer the suggested manufacture retail price (MRSP), not to mention funeral urns for cremation.

C&C built their business off one of North America’s top casket manufacturing and distribution networks, and is awarded a 5 star rating for customer service, delivery and quality caskets and discount prices to help consumers save literally thousands than purchasing from some traditional funeral homes.

C&C offers support to individuals who are tasked with planning a funeral with a wealth of educational resources on funeral planning and tips on how to plan and save on funeral a beautiful and dignified funeral during one of the most stressful and emotional times an individual will experience.

4. Best Price Caskets
While Best Price Caskets also offers a wide selection of caskets and coffins, and has a highly rated customer satisfaction rating. The company is very good at getting the casket the customer wants to them nationwide at a affordable price. Most of their reviews on Yelp are quite good, though one comment implies a religious dispute ended up costing the customer more.

5. Trappist Caskets
We love the traditional approach trappist caskets offers. When the monks of New Melleray Abbey began to work on funeral caskets, they probably had little idea that they were establishing a market niche. Trappist Caskets specializes in wooden coffins and caskets and emphasizes low cost, high quality, and a spiritual, environmental aspect which inform every part of their business.

6. ABC Caskets Factory
Where many casket manufacturers and online casket sellers make the price of the casket the focal point, ABC Caskets– which gets good reviews on Yelp— focus on providing quality caskets while lowering the cost of other aspects of the funeral through a network of funeral homes and directors determined to give you a quality funeral at a lower cost. These are not the cheapest caskets, but ABC focuses on lowering the cost of the funeral experience.

7. Amazon
While there are a number of caskets available through Amazon which are similar to those offered by Costco and Walmart, a big difference is that your casket is what-you-see-is-what-you-get: reading the information is important to ensure you are getting the casket you need or want.

8. Caskets By Design. With arguably the lowest priced wooden caskets for online retailers in America (as low as $499), Caskets By Design makes custom wooden caskets and coffins which can take size peculiarities into account. The downside? The designs are basic — even somewhat dated– though in the case of their European collection they consider that a selling point.

9. Nature’s Casket. With a commitment to eco-friendly design, Nature’s Casket even makes use of recycled material in designing their caskets (one such casket is made completely from recycled material). Prices range from a more typical lower end range to expensive custom design.

10. Fast Caskets. Fast Caskets is a straightforward online retailer with caskets from $895 and up. Having been in business 10 years and boasting of being the first online casket retailer, they have straightforward pricing and an interesting clearance section.

*Funeral Rule – Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

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