Why is your casket prices lower than funeral homes?

We’re associated with one of the largest casket manufacturer and wholesale distributors in the United States of America.

Through their cost-efficient manufacturing of American made caskets, and our low-overhead on distribution and marketing online, we can offer casket prices in the range of 30% to 70% cheaper than most funeral homes. Many funeral homes also have exclusive licensed distribution rights with brick-and-mortar casket companies, who may charge elaborate margins on their pricing. Many funeral homes will make a large piece of their profits on funeral services and planning on the purchase of funeral products, such as the caskets or coffins.

In addition to the efficient distribution channels, open-market to sell funeral products that previously was monopolized by a select two or three casket manufacturers (until the FTC Funeral Rule came into effect a few years ago), our networks casket manufacturing and shipping is done direct from the factory.

Our wholesaler distribution arrangement is among the largest distribution network in the USA, making it possible to supply a high volume of caskets and urns at reasonable and affordable prices. The supply of affordable caskets, urns and funeral products is our purpose to help consumers save on the costs of funeral services.

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